What the Cross Has Done For You

What The Cross Has Done For You

When Perfection became sin on our behalf, we were ushered into an eternal family whose patriarch is the Lord. We now have to opportunity to get to know the Creator of the Universe until the end of time-and then some. I wanted to talk about some things that happened when God forgave our sins, and I want to start by talking about what “becoming sin” meant for our savior

He who knows no sin, became sin

“I and the Father are one”-John 10:30

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ” -Romans 6:23

“And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.”

-Matthew 5:30

From theses verse we gather three things:

1. God and Christ exist as one entity, along with the Holy Spirit.

2. Sin is to be justly punished with death.

3. If something causes you to sin, you must deal accordingly-to whatever extent that may be-to keep yourself from sinning.

Looking at the crucifixion through this perspective sheds new light on it. God, who we know is an eternal being, exists in perfect oneness with Christ. Upon receiving our sins, Christ, in accordance with scripture, had to die. And when he died, he very surely went to hell and for the first time in since the beginning of time he was separated from the Father. Its important to remember that every one sin deserves an eternity separated from God, that you and I sin countless times a day, and that trillions have people have lived on this Earth. Which means Jesus was paying an eternal debt for every sin that every person who was ever existed committed. Being outside of time, and knowing full well what this sacrifice meant, he willingly let himself be “cut off” for an infinite number of eternities.

Because of the blood of Christ, the Lord can see us as perfect, and deserving of his love.

No one will ever see you the way the Lord sees you.

Knowing that we have accepted as a child of the Lord gives a lot of peace especially in college. With the opportunity to apply to different positions with AMC, different organization, or even grad school-the fear of failure is ever present for college guys. And its pertinent to our spiritual growth to know the only opinion that matters-the Lord’s-will forever be on your side. He sees us as perfect. Because of the cross we are now sons of God, co-heirs with Christ.

With this knowledge, we are spurred to pursue God. After all that he has done in his pursuit of us, it is the next logical step.

The approach to God is not spatial.

After separating part of himself, and condemning Christ to hell, do we really think he would be far away? I would argue that he is nearer than anyone else. Approaching God isn’t about closing a physical gap so that we may be close enough to “draw near,” it’s about letting ourselves be drawn in by a God who has always been near.

So, when thinking about you relationship with Christ, remember what extents He went to in order to ensure that you were a part of his family. And, to avoid guilty conviction, remember how He looks upon you now because of that sacrifice.

-Travis Ford


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