The Light of Life

“For you have delivered my soul from death, yes, my feet from falling, that I may walk before God, in the light of life.” – PSALM 56:13

We so often wonder why our lives are full of chaos, stress and confusion. Our world suffers in a similar fashion, with men and women losing their lives every day due to the broken, evil nature of mankind. Whether it’s because of a stressful day or a tragic terrorist attack, we have all felt the sadness and/or frustration that comes with such events. If, however, we stop and analyze the root of our mistakes, it seems clear that we have tried to possess control over our own lives. As a group, I know we all strive to be men of great character, one that closely resembles our savior, a man who gave himself not only as an example to man, but paid the price for our sin. Although we seek to glorify Him, we can often put an intolerable amount of stress on ourselves when we forget the “glory” that was bestowed upon us.

Light of the World

John 8 describes our Father as the light of the world, and through Him, we know that darkness is no longer an issue. I can look back and reflect on so many times in my life when I had a twisted view of who controls my path. When I put the emphasis on myself to stay on the road that I believe leads to God’s glory, never once has the outcome brought true light to my life. The reason: Christ alone is our light. He requires only that we trust in Him, and his ability to lead us. God made this possible when he gave Christ’s life to cover our sin. He knew we would struggle here on earth, but He also had a solution. When we seek His way, understanding that the war is already won, it is a smooth ride. This does not mean we won’t hurt, we won’t be afraid, we won’t be angry, but it does reassure us that our feet shall not fall. It’s such a beautiful fact, and something that has weighed heavily on my heart the past few weeks.

Walk Before God

Men, I hope this is evidence of who we need. Trust that Christ will guide you through every moment in life, and the need to carry your own lamp will soon perish. It is through Him that we have hope and clarity. Digging into His word has helped me reflect on why I stumble, and the fact that His presence is the only reasonable solution. The battle we wage on earth becomes effortless when we walk in the light of His sacrifice and love.

-Dreagan Patterson


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